500 Intel drones to replace fireworks above Travis Air Force Base for Fourth of July

    The Fourth of July will be a little various tomorrow at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, Calif. Rather of fireworks, 500 Intel Shooting Star will require to the sky to carry out an aerial regimen in honor of the base and the vacation’s 75th anniversary.

    These are the exact same drones that preformed at Disney World , the Super Bowl and the Olympics.

    One individual manages the fleet of drones thanks to an advanced control platform that pre-plans the path of each drone. engineers informed me that the system can manage an endless quantity of drones. In the variation I saw, the drones utilized GPS to remain in location and the drones did not have any accident detection sensing units.

    It’s an excellent program of innovation. I remained in participation for the very first program at Disney World and the drones are a terrific option to fireworks. Sicher, fireworks are a Fourth of July custom, however they cannot do the important things these drones can do, plus, due to the fact that they’re far more peaceful, more individuals can take pleasure in the program.

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