Actor Kirk Cameron thinks the hurricanes are God punishing us for our sins

    Sorry to the countless individuals displaced and otherwise impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma– as it ends up, these catastrophes are simply God penalizing you for your sins. A minimum of, that’s inning accordance with Growing Pains star and evangelical Christian Kirk Cameron .

    From the security of a Florida airport, from which he was flying to Arkansas, Cameron went on Facebook Live on Thursday and asked individuals to think about the following: Perhaps this current multitude of cyclones and hurricanes wasn’t a coincidence, or nature on the rag, however rather an indication from God that he’s pissed at all people sinners.

    “How should we take a look at to huge cyclones returning to back like this? Do we simply compose them off as coincidence, do we compose it off as an analytical abnormality? Is it simply nature in a bad state of mind?” Cameron stated, prior to continuing to check out the Bible passage of Job 37.

    “He triggers this to take place for penalty or to water his land and show his faithful love,” Cameron checked out from the Good Book.

    ” This is an incredible display screen of God’s enormous power,” Cameron continued.” never ever without factor, there’s a function We understand that whether is sent out to trigger us to react to God in repentance, humbleness, and wonder.”

    Cameron then advised moms and dads to inform their kids that God simply desires his individuals to cringe in worry and yoke if they ask why all these natural catastrophes are taking place.

    Or, you understand, moms and dads might reference environment modification rather .

    H/T the Daily Beast

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