A Photo Of What Looks To Be A Very Pregnant Kylie Jenner Is Going Viral On Twitter

    If you’ve been following the Kardashian pregnancies with the exact same passion with which some individuals follow the real news, you’ll be delighted to understand that today may be the day we lastly put an end to the reports at last. A picture is flowing around Twitter that appears to reveal a extremely pregnant Kylie Jenner , so possibly we can all lastly stop hypothesizing. Thank the lord. This is the Christmas present I’ve been awaiting. (I’m Jewish, however even still.)

    Before I reveal you the image, let’s support. How did I stumble upon this picture? Easy– my colleague desperately sent me the tweet it’s connected to. Now, who tweeted it? It originates from Twitter user @salruffino, a self-proclaimed “movie maker” from Bristol with a moderate Instagram following and a Tumblr account. Generally, every teenager in the world. Sal tweeted out a paparazzi-style shot of exactly what seems an extremely pregnany Kylie Jenner, and Twitter quickly went nuts.

    In the name of journalism, I’ve got to state: Sure, this appears like it * might * be Kylie Jenner, however it likewise might be actually anybody with straight black hair. We do not know that this picture is truly of Kylie, or that it hasn’t been modified. Yeah, it might reveal an extremely pregnant Kylie, however till its credibility is confirmed (which it most likely never ever will be, because Kris Jenner is identified to drag this media circus out as long as possible), we truly cannot state anything with any degree of certainty. Essentially, take this image as you will, and see it nevertheless you wish to see it. If you believe about it, which is kind of a lovely belief.

    One thing for sure, though: Whoever took this image seriously has to update their phone.

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