A Breakdown Of The Idiots Competing On ‘Are You The One?’ This Season

    Yo, Betch Waldorf here. Homeowner specialist at Betches * places on LinkedIn bio * and total remarkable human who prefers to belittle her peers.

    Even though I’ ve taken a break from evaluating, the herpes of truth programs is back and I simply can’ t make it disappear. Who understands, possibly I will go back to summarizing? Donald Trump is President now, so my slogan is “ anything is possible. ” Until then, I can a minimum of present you to the brand-new cast due to the fact that I’ m like, such a buddy.



    Currently using half the precious jewelry department from Lucky Brand. You can not un-see it when you discover she kinda appearances like Velma from the motion pictures. Jinkies, guy.


    Ugh I dislike individuals who spell their regular names unusually. Unique location in hell. She appears like she’ ll be “ among the people ” this season– essentially indicates she’ s down for butt things.


    Audrey ’ s going to be a fucking psycho, I understand it. Have you ever satisfied an Audreythat isn ’ t batshit crazy? I rest my case.


    This woman will 100%get in a battle this season. Most likely with Audrey. And you understand exactly what they state: the larger the hoop, the larger the hoe.


    Not sure ways to pronounce this, won ’ t even attempt. Pauper ’ s Mila Kunis.


    Jada with the collarbone tattoo did not pertain to fuck with these hoes. She’ s here to obtain some cash and potentially a great cock along the method. I will probably root for her.


    Damn, what ’ s with all these insane names? Y’ all couldn ’ t get one Megan in this bitch? Keyana is going to most likely be the forgettable one this season. Sorry sweetheart, somebody needs to do it.


    Nicole’ s about to be so unimportant– woman couldn’ t even get an adorable poolside photo however rather needed to opt for this old Myspace photo. Door behind her cause the closet, where ideally she can become a much better looking t-shirt, yikes.


    Okay, exactly what in the fuck is this name? Is her name “ nurse ”? Big boobs doe– most likely going to be conserving great deals of male lives in your house.


    Usually I put on’ t trust individuals with 2 given names– blame Justin Bobby– however I wear’ t technically count this as 2 given names due to the fact that I’ m quite sure Uche is simply a typo. She appears like the planning type. She’ s def going to be calling out the no-match couples.


    Def going to be the snake of your home. I envision she still calls her papa “ Daddy ”



    Thinks he is a design. Most likely will turn a table eventually in the series. One for the drama, for sure.


    Most most likely a hopeful artist/rapper/model of some kind (everybody here is, though). Will ask Zoe to likewise call him Daddy.


    Huge fuckboy. Has the IQ of his shoe size. Frequenter of the Boom space, calls everybody “ brother ”


    A fucking treat pack. Will 100%be rooting for him. Don ’ t @ me.


    Lovable, however most likely going to make me really unpleasant. Will be a great buddy to 100% of the women.


    Member of the band HAIM. Has much better hair then all the females on this program. Most likely excellent in bed. What? You were believing it.


    His facial hair is more arranged that our federal government. Takes longer than the ladies to obtain prepared. Most likely going to make love on the very first day there. I probably won ’ t like him, I can simply inform.


    Sweet, dumb Keith. Elected Trump and damn proud. Masturbates to the American Flag. When asked somebody ways to spell “ orange ”


    Here for the cash fasho. Will probably produce a shitty technique that assists them win amazingly in the last episode.


    Looks like somebody who aimed to make it as a well-known Youtuber. His locket states Jesus however his sleeveless sweatshirt states “ DTF ” on his Tinder profile.


    This man looks more like Willow Smith than Willow Smith does.

    SO, that ’ s it– 22 brand-new idiots. Can ’ t await this season loaded with bitchylooking women and their chode equivalents. Up until then …

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