10 Tweets About Jon Snow’s Butt To Get You Through Monday

    This post consists of spoilers from the season ending. The last season ending we’ll ever see aired last night, and practically each and every single scene had individuals fans losing it. I do not believe I’ve screamed a lot at a TELEVISION because the Red Wedding, however this time I was shouting with glee since of all the sh * t that decreased. Little Finger. Sansa and Arya. Gilly being. Rhaegar and Lyanna’s wedding event. Jaime leaving Cersei. Due to the fact that it’s still a fresh injury.), (I’m not going to talk about the last scene Never ever have I ever been a fan of incest, and now I’m a stan. People, let’s be genuine. There was one real star of last night’s episode, which star was Jon Snow’s butt . And Twitter is basically flexing its metaphorical knee to it.

    If we were discussing whether to flex the knee to this entire incest thing, we sure as hell are flexing it now. We’re simply on the flooring. After a whole season of develop, Jon and Dany lastly attached and it was a sight to witness. Yeah, sure, Bran’s narratives over leading the Jon and Dany sex scene was quite damning, thinking about that it’s now verified that Jon has more claim to the Iron Throne than Dany, and you understand, SHE’S HIS AUNT AND EVERYTHING, however we’ll stress over that in 2 years when the last season of starts.

    But for now, I’m going to rewatch that ending about 20 more times till I get my fill, then I’m going to compose a highly worded letter to HBO requiring that they do not mess up Jon and Dany’s relationship in the last season. Listen, individuals, if I’m going to support incest, this sh * t is going to be endgame! None of this “ we’re going to develop this relationship and these characters and make you feel an intense enthusiasm for them, and after that, when you least anticipate it, we’re going to murder them ” bullsh * t we’ve had in previous seasons. I desire and for Aegon Targaryen and his Auntie Daenerys, DO YOU HEAR ME?! I have no idea how I feel about exactly what I simply stated. Anyhow, here are the very best tweets about Jon Snow’s butt.

    Give Jon Snow’s butt a composing credit.

    Melisandre mayhave actually brought Jon Snow back from the dead, however Jon Snow’s butt restored.


    R + L = The finest butt in all Westeros.


    An Emmy-worthy efficiency.

    Someone call George R. R. Martin and inform him we have a concept for the name of the next book.

    KING OF THE NORTH … as well as whatever else.

    .When we get this nasty, #hoooo> She like to call me Peaches.


    Again, offer.

    It.A. Writing. Credit.


    Dany: “ I cannot have kids. ” Jon Snow: “ Hold my beer.”


    ” embed”>

    I’m sorry, the old Twitter cannot concern the phone today. Why? Oh, ’cause it’s dead! DEATH BY NORTHERN BOOTY.

    You understand absolutely nothing, Jon Snow … other than the best ways to do squats.

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